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How in the world can your business choose an oil distributor?  So many options are ever present in today’s marketplace.  Web searches are never ending, page after page of ‘attractive prospects’.  Well, it’s actually quite simple.  Look for positive attributes such as history, ability, growth and integrity.  They are cornerstones.


Seaboard Neumann Distribution offers some of the deepest roots in the finished lubricant business.  Neumann Oil Company was founded in 1933 and Seaboard Distribution was launched in 1997.  Since that time, brands and companies have been merged and acquired, but the legacy of outstanding service remains.  Our name/reputation is our trademark … for well over 80 years.


Our centralized Lakeland, Florida distribution center allows same day pick up and free scheduled delivery throughout Central Florida.  On average, we house over 500,000 gallons of bulk finished lubricants, coolant and diesel exhaust fluid plus an extensive selection of drums, kegs, pails and case goods.  Typical ‘on hand’ inventory values are more than $6,000,000.  In addition, all our sales representatives have factory certifications in a myriad of product brands and lines.  We leave NO stone unturned when it comes to meeting your business needs.


Not only did we survive the recession, we grew and expanded.  Look no further than the acquisition of Neumann Oil in January of 2010 and Clean Diesel Services in August of 2012.  And we’ve been meeting and/or exceeding manufacturer sales goals annually.  We bring professional solutions to you.


It’s what we practice daily.  By definition – ‘Doing the right thing when no one is watching’.  It’s a core belief at our company, not just a word.  It’s your seal of protection in today’s marketplace.  We are the exclusive delivery partner for Ford, Lincoln, Honda and Acura within our coverage area, there’s a reason why.    There’s no better partner than one with steadfast and strong business ethics.

Join us at Seaboard Neumann Distribution.  We have a space reserved for you!