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A Proper Cup of Coffee Posted on Categories Chemicals and Lubricants

Pouring a proper cappuccino is an art form. It’s an art form which requires proper equipment and quality ingredients. It’s not any different when dealing with finished lubricants, such as motor oil.

Why should you care if low-quality oils are delivered to your shop? Using low-quality oils can result in costly repairs. Oils that do not meet required specs could ultimately void an OEM warranty!

If major damage occurs from the use of low quality motor oil not meeting manufacturer’s specifications, a warranty may be voided. Rebuilding or replacing an engine can cost your shop thousands of dollars!

We can assure you of the quality of our products – from the manufacturing facilities, to our distribution warehouses and finally to your business facility. We are fully licensed and adhere to a very strict ‘chain-of-custody’ standard. We are constantly subjected to auditing processes to ensure the products we deliver are exactly as labeled. Our operations are held accountable if they’re not up to standards!

In closing, the next time you drink a cup of cappuccino, think about the quality of lubricants in your shop. Give us a call for a free ‘no obligation’ audit. Odds are good that we can help you improve.