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Did you know that the API has completely redesigned heavy-duty diesel engine oil specifications? Starting December 1, 2016, for the first time ever, there will be TWO categories of HDEO product. Both categories address engine performance and one is specifically designed to improve fuel economy when used with newer diesel engine designs.

The two new categories have been officially named CK-4 and FA-4 and they will replace today’s CJ-4 heavy duty engine oil category. CK-4 will be completely backwards compatible for all current diesel vehicles. It will be designed with improved oxidation stability, shear resistance and aeration control. FA-4 will meet the same improved basic requirements and yet be formulated with a lower HTHS (High Temperature, High Shear) viscosity. FA-4 oils aren’t necessarily backwards compatible since they utilize a different viscosity grade.

These next generation FA-4 oils are being formulated with a lower HTHS viscosity to increase fuel economy. Even a small 1% increase in overall fuel economy results in an annual reduction of over 4,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and an estimated $3,000,000 per day in US fleet savings. And testing has already begun on even lower viscosity engine oils for the future of America’s fleets.

With today’s changing standards, it’s more important than ever to choose the right heavy duty engine oil and supplier. We have certified professionals on staff to help you decide how to best service your fleet’s needs. Give us a call today for a ‘no obligation’ business study. We absolutely can help you.